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  • orlando333444 orlando333444 Nov 25, 2012 10:11 PM Flag

    There are two kinds of companies. Those with problems and those that are going to have problems

    I am all for learning and getting better at investing. I have been watching this board and watching his posts for a long time and his(syncs) posts are almost always slamming someone. They are making fun of people that are losing. You make it sound like he is a great educator. He doesn't help anyone here. What are the other stocks he is shorting? Tell me a good short right now other than Radioshack and lets see how he does. The best investors in the world don't get many of them right. He doesn't either. This stock could turn around and he could lose a ton of money too and I hope he does.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • BBY-18

      Had you been paying attention and not stewing in your own failure you may have caught these. The sync talks about one thing over and over....fundamentals and the trend. I get it do not. You will lose money over and over and until you learn to understand the trend. Radio Shack is just one of your failures in a list of many. You are wasting too much time on your 24/7 impersonation and not on good DD. Its clear.........whether you know it or not the shorts control all you do. You are obsessed with every post they make. They are laffing at you dude.