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  • maxeileen Dec 12, 2012 9:38 AM Flag

    good stuff here

    AAPT is getting their house in order. Distribution center up and running in shawnee kansas, products(pawtizers) shipped to biggest distributor(central pet distributor pawtizer showing for mass retail)Pawtizer currently sold at amazon, sears, tjmax, marshalls, homegoods , giant eagle nutra bars available at pawtizer website for sale for christmas sooner at big box retail centers, financing, contracts with major distributor & biggest retailer, marketing, filings (q3 &10q), uplisting from pink and also cash in hand,AAPT recently filed for the NUTRABAR TM registration ( go to trademarkia and check)
    & this is only a .03 cent stock. This stock is cheap for what the future holds it should trade at .20 cents now. I do put my money where my mouth is i own over 3 million shares I have been doing this for a long time(20 years) & i see a great future for this co and longs. Sure there were failures in the past and i believe whole heartedly that the management has adjusted. Most businesses are not succesfull first time around not even steve jobs. I saw the video of zeus the dog eating nutra bars. after one bite of nutra bar zeus went nuts and wanted more and more. go to nutrabars facebook page see the warehouse distribution photos and also endorsement of hollywood celebrities and nutra bars at hallmark channel
    great videos that convinced me that nutra bars will be a major success. Read all the news about AAPT and do your own DD. Call the co directly they will talk and answer your questions. Dont believe me, shorts , any cheer leader for co and bashers. Nutra bars is out now go to 3w,nutradogbars,come news release. Biggest retailer in usa will carry products news release
    got a message from walgreens rep stating aapt products in walgreen in december, talked to Amy 11/20/2012 in central pet northeast region (800)631-7724 she informed me that they have pawtizer in stock and they are going to distribute it. Got an email from giant eagle confirming aapt products in shelves now. Go to investor hub and check my posts my name is maxxm in i hub. GREAT FUTURE FOR AAPT THIS WILL NOT BE A PENNY STOCK FOR LONG.