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  • db69023 db69023 Jan 16, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Can someone post on what you can do to improve this company

    instead of complaining about the status quo

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    • RSH has too many locations that are in bad locations. Many stores were A plus locations 25 years ago that today are C- locations at best.
      The other thing RSH has done is put locations too close together. I can think of three areas in Central Indiana where I live that have a RSH in a mall and a RSH a couple blocks from the mall.
      I don't know what the answer is because it is not that easy to just close a store. The tenant is owes on the lease until it expires.

    • jonbelberturner Jan 18, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

      1. Stop selling what everyone is sellling and bring back brand names (Realistic, Nova, Optimus, etc.)
      2. Bring back catalogs
      3. Stop hiring outside the company and promote from within.
      4. Let the managers "manage" the stores and not be drones.
      5. Stop the 100% emphasis on cell phones and start selling audio/video, computers, communications again.
      6. Bring back stock purchase plan for employees.

    • A few ideas:
      1. Close the mall stores, go with island kiosks selling mobile only.
      2. Highlight products for audiophiles (get an exclusive with a hot brand).
      3. Diversify into products and marketing specific to DJs, DYIers and Steampunk hobbyists.
      4. Use RadioShack electronics pedigree to expand into public school and adult vocational training.

    • Take the company private; rebuild the brand and management team; and then (and only then) launch an IPO. No one has been willing to touch it though - ever wonder why?

    • -Close 40% of the US stores.
      -Claw back the cash that Gooch and board paid themselves in dividends when it wasn't prudent to pay a dividend.
      -Pay down debt as opposed to borrowing more at higher rates.
      -Change name (shack is degrading)
      - Carry items that people desire

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      • The company has very little shares outstanding, they could easily do a 25 million rights offering for 3.50 P/S or so, the number 100 is not a good one 125 is much better, so they need to rearrange the deck chairs a bit.

      • Let's also add the following -----

        - Get competent CEO and upper management team with successful retail management experience

        - Start regrowing middle management from within

        - Return to TRAINING retail staff on EVERY product so that customer service is better. We did it and our CS was a helluva lot better than it is now AND we had the knowledge.

        - Change payplan for managers to giving them a % of the profit the store does. It the manger has "skin in the game", the store will very often perform better overall

        - Pay your people better - you'll attract better people and retain them as well.

        - Get a better mix of better quality products to offer customers

        - Price match products to start being more competitive.

        - Stock stores better with new hot products

      • You don't have to worry about "Change name (shack is degrading), since the corporation's name is RadioShack Corporation. "The Shack" was an advertising ploy by Arnold Advertising. With this in mind, why would you change a name that has been know since 1921?

        As far as your question, db, it has been a discussion on this board before. First thing is to replace the board with members that are not just looking out for themselves as well as those that they appoint/approve. Next, replace most of the executive management, especially those from the outside. The company did FAR better when it promoted from within.

      • Name change sounds great. Their web site sucks too and needs a significant upgrade.

    • Thats a very fair post. IMO at this road nothing. I say this because this space has some very good players in it with some very deep pockets,

      Best Buy

      Just to name a few not to mention the company stores for each carrier that outnumber RSH by triple. Who shops at a place with known poor customer service and higher prices? Some companies have run their course and fail. I believe this company is on that path. Regardless of what management does they are unable to discount phones to the level Walmart does.

      I hope that answers your question. I do believ my post is a complaint rather a dose of reality.