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  • victobiz victobiz Jan 20, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    Let me borrow 222.0 mil

    All please let me borrow 222million so I can take this company private, close it, and take the 550Million in cash it has in the bank.


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    • I'm sure the banks would fight with each other over loaning you the money to make that deal happen.

    • So comical to read these posts from the kids who have done ZERO DD on this company. Over 750 mil in debt.what about that. borrowed the you need a loan for this debt. What about all the class action lawsuits that have yet to be much are you going to have to pay then? ...another 100----200 million? You better stick to flipping burgers

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      • who is going to get 200million? #$%$ off shareholders claiming they were not aware stock price can go down. good luck, hit me back up when this happens. the 750 mil debt could be paid with the 2billion in assets, read the balance sheet above liabilities dunce.

      • Not a loan, the company has spent 2 billion on share buy backs over the last 10 years at a price between $12.80 and $30.57, this money is within the company, although no one can see it at this time. Now I had mention a right offering of 25 Million shares @ 3.50 P/S, but if you take the average price the company paid for repurchasing shares at 21.50, a rights offering pricing should be somewhere around $11.00 P/S as this would reflect the fair market price of the company, (such as Brand and sales volume, etc), so then its 25 million X $11.00 = 275 million. This would not be out of line as the company management had invested 2 billion over the years into the company and now the shareholders could place 275 million which is a small amount when compared to 2 billion, in this way the WFC term loan would not come to play, shareholder would save on the interest etc. I don’t believe management made a mistake on the repurchase program; they just need to activate the shareholder base against the debt as this dynamic is missing within the shareholder side of the company, it’s a way of unleashing untapped synergy

    • And what about the debt of say 700 mill, the leas closing costs and other costs?