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  • techxpit techxpit Jan 31, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Buy one stock which is undervalued, and all you can. IMHO. only way to get rich

    when buying 5, 6 ,10 stocks in portfolio. 5 go up , 5 go down. end result is zero gain, and in most cases a loss.

    I have found for myself, whenever I load up on one stock which is really down, I do very well.

    but thats against traditional trading principals. just sharing my opinion and past experience.

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    • I used to think this way, until I watched my huge losses in this great company, Boston Market (Boston Chicken) That puppy went from $22 a share to zero in 12 months or so. i rode it from 12 down to 7. Somewhere around $5 / share, five or six days before the annual shareholders meeting the CEO and President quit the company and walked out the door. It was pretty ugly.

      What matters? Is the company relevant to its customers? Does it make a profit, selling goods or services that its customers want? Is it well managed? Does it have good cash flow? (etc...)

      Sentiment: Strong Sell