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  • davebu109 davebu109 Apr 30, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Have you all heard about C-E-UH-OH-JOE`s NEW STORE PLAN for Radio Shack

    We heard it first on the Q1 cc....Its ground breaking and C-E-UH--OH-JOE thinks its a game changer. Here we go....he is going to move things around the new products just re-arrange whats in the store for big new sales....WOWSER........ Maybe the store employees`s since they have no customers can do this since they have nothing else to do and thats what gave us the slogan "Let`s Play"...

    Can hardly wait for Q2...........Can you say 60 million loss........Let`s Play !!

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    • Dave my man..... Slow down... we have to wait a bit.... u know.. Warren Buffet likes the shack... Mr Softy needs the shack.... second half of the year...... u really need to get a job... this fixation on the shack is really destroying u.... seek therapy.... ur self esteme is quite low... boost urself up man... For Gods Sake Man... Its jus a retail

    • It's not just moving items from one peg to another like the other ceo's did 10 or so times,, Ceo Joe has a game changer of stacking all the same brands together so you'll have like items scattered all over the place.

      It's looking like Ceo Joe has never even been in a radio shack before and has no idea that they have 1500 or so square feet of sales floor.