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  • wtb41 wtb41 Jul 11, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    The Dorvin Lively transaction

    No massive insider sales of RSH shares have occurred. Lively is only 1 insider, and he continues to own 374,640 RSH shares. Lively's transaction was triggered by his 55th birthday occurring, and it was not an open-market sale.

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    • You are right Pscho will lie or do anything..he has no self respect and needs to grow up....sad....

    • I love its when the $25 underwaters post. Its really an honor for us shorts that some of the legacy long posters surface from time to time. Especially when they post gibberish thats not even true. Go log onto insider transactions. Been a whole heck of lot of selling. Institutions dumped 25 million shares this last Q..............THATS A WHOIPPING 51% DECLINE FOR THOSE OF YOU KEEPING SCORE. Lets keep in mind your CFO could have sold in the $4 range and did not. Something prompted this man to dump and dump big right at the deadline.

      In any case......the street gets it. It all started when senior management walked off the job and RSH attemtped a coverup. Smart money started dumping righ then. This CFO sale...........just more confirmation.

      Nice to hear from you WTB.....suprised your not promoting some new flier you just penned or some memories about a Tandy leather kit you purchased.