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  • wtb41 wtb41 Aug 1, 2013 7:38 AM Flag

    Off and On

    Dynamicshift wrote, “Really seems like a waste of time to bring the newbies up to speed.” He refers there to me as a “newbie.” That’s strange, for I have been posting on this board under the same ID (wtb41) off and on for 13 or 14 years. I say “off and on” because I can take only so much of the exchange of insults that occurs on this board daily. When it gets to the point that the insults become too much to endure, I take a vacation from this board. Things on this board went from bad to worse about 2 to 3 years ago. Once upon a time it was possible to discuss ideas on this board with those holding opposing views able to present their views with a modicum of respect for those holding different views. Those days seem to be gone. Now the members of opposing sides resort to personal attacks and insults.

    Back in the 1920s and 1930s Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr were on opposing sides of an intellectual debate over quantum physics. Of their debates, C. P. Snow writes, “The arguments on both sides are most beautiful and subtle. Unfortunately, they cannot be followed without some background in physics: otherwise, Bohr’s ‘Discussion on Epistemological Problems’ and Einstein’s ‘Reply’ ought to be part of everyone’s education. No more profound intellectual debate has ever been conducted—and, since they were both men of the loftiest spirit, it was conducted with noble feeling on both sides. If two men are going to disagree, on the subject of most ultimate concern to them both, then that is the way to do it.”

    Sadly, nothing similar can be said of most the debates that occur on this board. Instead, it’s a continual exchange of insults.

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    • Fom your track record on this stock you may want to focus more time on inteligent due dilligence. My gosh if your only learning a year later Yahoo does not allow links its no wonder your investment in Radio Shack has been such a miserable failure.

      As well you might want to follow your own advice but I see disgruntleds like yourself rarely do,

      You wrote

      "You may have nothing better to do with your time than sit on this board and exchange insults, but I do. So I'm through reading your posts."

      In the end I wont bother to reply to your posts. I have yet to read one letter of tradeable information one could make a dime off of. Some on this board offer good insight and prediction and their track records speak for themselves. the end what happens on this board is for one reason only. To make money. Focus, read that again. To make money. Again,to make money. Goofs like you that whine about your feelings and #$%$ chat non stop under 10 alias are as you put an utter waste of time.

      I am leaving now. I am going into the room with the adults and investors.