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  • white_merganser white_merganser Aug 5, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    thinking about Radio Shack.....

    And the store experience I had. Not sure I like that radio shack is transforming into a telephone store. Personally I like the old Tandy compay feel. I cannot seem to get over the lack of stereo equipment and how people use to walk in with a stereo system to greet them. Or a computer that was cutting edge at the time and people asking what is it.... Miss that catalog too and the personal feel. To hold something in your hand to browse and the excitment of finding ways to build a radio. My first Christmas gift, and memorable gift, was the build a radio kit with the amtenna to string across the yard. They do have tools to build a radio today but is that old technology now?

    Now we have one of the best CEOs and an excellent team. I really hope Radio Shack turns around, but as an old stereo guy - are my expectations set too high? Perhaps I am living and expecting the past and need to accept Radio Shackis catering to our youthful generation. I guess that makes sense, this is the future. Gald I met RSH again and learned more but are they closing the sale? The sale is yes, I take stock in your company.... I need you RSH to close the deal.... Sell me more., write the ticket and make me happy.

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    • imarat21 Aug 5, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

      Transforming into a telephone store!!,, you're way over ten years behind on that curve.

      as for write the ticket and make me happy went out the window years ago with it now being write the ticket to make the company happy and the customer is just a nuisance in that proses