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  • kens_syco kens_syco Sep 10, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    CEO-JOE wont last as long as Ron Johnson

    JCP at least didnt declare chapt 11 under Johnson like RSH will

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    • Syco I would have to agree. Ron J had all kids of ideas and did it non stop. CEOjo seems to be doing the same. That does not equate to sucsess. It took time to see JCP was dying. The same seems to be evident here except they dont have the time. Etrade comes to mind when they tuned the books over to GS to explore stategic alternatives aka a sale. It takes about 90 days when they came back zip. The clock is ticking for the shack. Think about it, who in the ight mind would loan them money who? No one will. They will have to do a massive dillution at the least halfing the pps. That is the best case senario I can see for any comon holder.

      Q3 they will be on the hot seat. Its game over then if nothing surfaces. CEO owns words by years end or reorganization aka chapt 11

    • were have you been...hiding from the rally? A dilutive refi is priced in. Bricks and mortar is far from dead.