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  • MRJ_Houston MRJ_Houston Dec 1, 1997 9:11 AM Flag

    How are operations?

    Could we possibly get some mature, hard-edged criticism of Tandy on this board? While there are more of these stores than McDonalds outlets, I have trouble fully understanding this company.

    I have owned TAN for way too many years, in fact it was the 1st stock I ever bought. Watched as one diversication idea after another failed to bring in profits, it seemed like they hadn't had a good idea since the TRS-80 computer. Cutting loose Computer City to sink or swim seems like a very good idea. That Incredible Universe effort has me going "what were they thinking?" -- hate to see my money wasted on huge stores with high fixed costs and low customer traffic.

    Finally they seem to realize that all along Radio Shack is/was the best money idea they can think up. How much do you think profits can be improved? Does TAN make sense selling at a price/sales ratio of 1.0?

    I realize this won't be easy, but let's see if we can analyze TAN like responsible investors. -- MRJ

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