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  • n8ivq n8ivq Jan 5, 1998 7:34 AM Flag

    Tandy Employee Stock Ownership Plan (TE

    Tandy has an employee stock ownership plan where 1-8% of an employees gross wages are taken out and held during each
    calender year. Most every manager participates and most full-time staff do to.. Tandy matches it with either 40% 60% or 80% of the
    amount that the employee has withheld for the year. Then in late January they buy the stock causing the price to increase. Around
    Feb. 20 the stock certificates are distributed to the employees. When this happens and it does every year most all of the
    employees sell there shares from the previous year causing TAN to drop usually in a weeks time about 4-6$ a share. I have seen this
    happen year after year over the past decade or so..