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  • moneycreator moneycreator Jul 22, 1998 12:44 AM Flag

    Because RS is

    Thanks for the comments. I'm sure RS is the "#1"
    in selling products such a cell phones and batteries
    but i seems to me their line of cd players and steros
    are limited. Also, their prices of some things are
    higher, then they will have "sales" on items to make them
    reasonable. I'm thinking they are trying to get rid of their:
    amateur radio and software. A amateur radio operator
    would (in my opinion) not buy the RS model (now lowered
    to $249) because they would know enough not to. Only
    the FRS and CBs would sell because people who buy
    them are not as knowledgable. So although RS has some
    of the best selection on some things, i still think
    some things never sell and stay in storage until they
    get rid of it by having sales.