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  • howdy_dudey2001 howdy_dudey2001 Sep 15, 2003 1:51 AM Flag

    thisisanalysis let me know what you

    Whether you believe it not (and I don'r really care), the reason I haven't responded to your "enlightened" postings is because my laptop crashed. I.E., no web access.

    As for your comments, I don't have to tell you the exact short position I have....except that I am still short on this stock. Thus far, I have not chosen or needed to cover it. If you think this POS is going to go to $20, then fine, buy it. I will still be there to short it. This POS is worthless...I am hanging around to make some of the money back which I lost from when this POS did it's "upswing" thing.

    If you think that Fyserv [spelling] or FDR are going to buy this POS, then think again. Look at ACI's 10K filing...everything is negative. Why would anyone want to buy this POS. I also have some even worse news for you....S2 [on Linux/IBM platorm] and Microsoft [Windows 2000/2003 Datacenter] arestarting to make significant inroads into ACI's installed customer base. SUN/Unix is going down the drain, so the "alliance" between ACI and SUN is meaningless. So, where is your growth going to come from???? Can't you read a 10K filing???? Or, are you an ACI employee trying to pump the stock ???

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