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  • s1willprevail s1willprevail May 21, 2009 8:00 PM Flag

    Someone should buy ACI

    They need to be bought by someone.

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    • Great idea - and I'd encourage anyone to do so.

      However - as with all M&A Activities I'd recommend they strip out the Senior Management Team as they have proven they are incapable of successfully leading a Software Company.

      For ACI it "should" be like shooting fish in a barrel - they are meant to be number 1 - however they are severely lacking due to the following facts:

      * Very aging workforce (average age is 40+) - not enough Young blood into the company which is going to be a very big problem very soon.

      * Lack of IBM System Z Knowledge - most resources have skills focused on the legacy HP NonStop environments and have not received adequate training on IBM Mainframe (despite this being supposedly the strategic platform)

      * Too US focused in Product Strategy - bearing in mind revenue generated in AP and EMEA far exceeds that of the US.

      * Insufficient Thought Leadership - Core-Capability has been routing and switching POS/ATM Authorizations - anything outside this sphere is considered an unknown for most ACI resources

      * Lack of Investment in core technologies - ACI's Fraud Solution was cutting edge a few years ago but they have failed to invest in its future - milking it as a cash-cow whilst competitors have progressed - their Neural Network is "questionable". BASE24-eps has suffered from a lack of focus on the build out of POS, ATM and Interchange Interfaces - compared to BASE24 Classic it is very lacking. It is also questionable how SOA-ready ACI's applications really are.

      * Limited Technical Resources - Payments Manager, for example, has very limited resources outside the US and has had serious issues in deployment as a result. Offices in the EMEA Channel, in Germany, Spain, Holland and France in particular, have very few technical resources.

      * Poor Post-M&A Management - Acquisitions such as IntraNet, eps AG and S2/Systems were poorly executed - lack of analysis surrounding key products such as ON/2, OpeN/2 and ASx have presented ACI with very challenging migration projects (i.e. Post-Acquisition no detailed study was performed into the Product Functionality of these - as a result their functionality was not included in the BASE24-eps Product Development Roadmap). Additionally - retaining key senior staff post-acquisition has created "integration" and control issues.

      * Poor Talent Management and Retention - Staff turnover is rising and new recruits are not coming through. Graduate recruitment is very limited.

      If anyone is thinking about buying ACI I'd happily come back as an M&A Consultant to troubleshoot :o)

    • Maybe S1 should buy ACi. Might mean S1 would be able to sell an actual product rather than vaporware.

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