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  • c2inomaha c2inomaha Jun 5, 2001 10:05 PM Flag

    Nestor, for TSAI followers

    If you have wondered why some choose to post rather fatuous msgs about an OB stock on this board, it is a rather good question.

    Last time I checked, TSAI's only relationship with Nestor was the misuse of this board by a few investors with strong opinions (and perhaps weak sense) and the sales agreement to sell the fraud detection software PRISM.

    Since that sales agreement is substantially the same one that has existed since 1997 and the sales of PRISM have yet to buoy up either company why the noise, you ask? Because it is such a great stock according to these soothes:
    I note today's closing was $1.57, the alltime high was $5 in April'00, otherwise it has never done better than $3. There is no PE ratio, it lost $.17 cents per share.

    That is why the postings - some lightweight penny-stock traders decided to use this board. Not someone like Slowhand, mind you, just rank amateurs.

    Apologies to anyone who hoped for TSAI information - but most of you have, like I, given up on that and a couple other hopes.

    Good luck to you all, and may your children always show more sense then these goofs.

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    • really are a moron. English is my forst language (ie, the one I've spoken since the day I was born). As for you you NESTOR, it's upnto YOU to PROVE to TSAI share holders that any NESTOR relationship is viable and worth while to TSAI. Thus far, all you and your buddy denotch have been able to highlight is flashing red light in CA. Big FD

      By the way, I can read a 10K, 8K, etc filing far better that you can (it show by your posts). You really do need to stop listening to the vaporware of companies you are trying to invest in. Get the facts!!!!! So, until you have anything substantial, why don't you go with denotch (QUIET!!!!!!)

    • You got the hint, poor English, typos or misspellings are not important here. English is not the first language of everyone. I thank you are wrong about Nestor. It has a connection with TSAI and if it sky rockets and it makes you a million through TSAI would you give it back? This board is not connected with TSAI. These messages are only the opinion of the poster, are not a substitute for your own reseach for facts, and should not be relied on for trading or any other purpose. Check out the SEC web site for facts!!!!!

    • Friend of traffic boy...

      No comment required. If the only "come back" you have to my posting is to reveal a typo, then I feel suitably chastized....I've just been hit with a limp, wet sock.

      Get a life, take your NESTOR share crap, and go post some place else

    • dudey c2 bug writer. What's a jsut?

    • Apparently, you don't check very goodly: 'Last time I checked, TSAI's only relationship with Nestor......'

      A quick review of TSAI's last 10-K ('00) shows that TSAI owns 2.5 million shares of Nestor stock and holds warrants on an additional 2.5 million shares. Based on current NEST price TSAI has lost money on these. However, the quarterly variation in NEST's stock price will show up in TSAI's quarterly income. Moreover, 2.5 million shares represent about 14% of the total shares currently issued by Nestor.

      Carefully examine Nestor's last 10-K. Tom Boje sits on Nestor's board. If that name sounds familiar, perhaps you should check TSAI's employment roster.

      I will leave it to others to discern the implications of the facts above. Regardless, there is certainly more than just a sales agreement between the two companies.

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      • It seem c2 has not done her D&D. She just wants to muse us with an old hand trick with howdy_dudey. She is not interested in this stock. She is feeling low for getting canned and wants the rest of us to feel her pain. Who ever fired this one should get a bonus!!!

      • Well said!

        Someone actually contributing something of substance. Sir, I applaud you.

        I did not know the extent of the incest, nor the amount of stock.

        What I did know is that we continue to talk about a product offered by TSAI sales staff, that is not worth talking about. No one on this board discusses products that generate greater profit (I am thinking ICE fits that category).
        So the only reason we discuss this, to defend it or otherwise, is because an individual posts to this board obsessively about it despite the fact IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IN THE RELATIVE PERFORMANCE OF THIS BOARD'S STOCK.

        So Bogje is on the board of a buck-and-a-half stock. Fish is on the board of my company's stock which is currently worth twice that of TSAI's. Who cares? How does any of this impact the future of TSAI stock?

        Nothing - I repeat lest I not be heard - nothing about Nestor matters in any real way to impact TSAI stock. No more than MessagingDirect. Certainly less than Insession.

        So kudos for contributing, and let's move on to something other than denotch's futile attempt to pump his pet penny stock. I am betting that he had taken such a soaking that we may have to chip in to help with his monthly ISP bill.

    • Nice post, fact-boy. ACI acquired a permanent,
      low-royalty license from Nestor just this year after renogiating ther deal. Significant improvement in ACI's position in exchange for some cash they'd have had to pay Nestor anyway.

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      • Do you want to borrow my calculator? Let me know what you think it will take in sales of Prism to sufficiently help TSAI so that this discussion is worthwhile.

        PRISM product has been sold for half a decade and only a couple questionmarks on this board find it worthy of mention.

        This fraud product has nothing wrong with it, it is just not going to rescue anyone.

        It does generate the only positive interest in this "bored".

    • No less did you have little facts other than some simple historical facts about Nestor you provided falst information. TSAI's relationship with Nestor has changed dramatically a few months ago. Of course, you don't really post here because you want information about TSAI. You are just a pathetic ex-employee with an agenda.

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      • Wow - you really told me. I think I even understand your sentence structure. So I am wrong because...? And you are right because of..?

        Sounds like you need to wake up, joebobbing, because that "dramatic" relationship change is only dramatic to you. If you make 100% profit on a dollar it looks nice, but it is STILL ONLY A DOLLAR. With your degree that should not need to be pointed out. Not enough to buy Turtle Wax on that Mustang.

        As I stated, there is not enough change in the sales volume nor market potential over these last 5 years to justify your sub-groups dreamy sighs. Even if the profit percentage was exceptional - big percentage on low dollars and low volume is still not going to bootstrap either company - no matter how hard you bash me with your new math.

        Stow references to my background unless you know something about it(very little, unsurprisingly) and it has ANY bearing. Otherwise pull out of your fog and explain to why I am wrong with reason. As I will always explain why you are wrong based on what I see the sales and products doing, not on your goofy liberalism and silly opinions.

        I would have much preferred that you provide something to the forum other than the same old stupid drivel. "Oh, it is all going to be better because of a great new contract!".
        Someone should ease off your Thorium long enough to explain to you that CONTRACTS ONLY HELP IF CUSTOMERS ARE BUYING. (forgive the shouting, but there is some hearing impaired I am dealing with here).

        Your expertise in all matters has been a standing joke-that unfortunate habit of missing the intermediate steps to a logical conclusion is well-known. (And you are not a pathetic ex-employee). Stick to your strengths - basketball stats and pointless motortrack hobbies.

        I don't get any information about TSAI here.
        Look through the last several months of postings. Ignoring the stop-light msgs, what have we seen on this board about TSAI products?
        And new TSAI inititives and directions and market niches? All I saw was some crowing about the stock kicking up a couple bucks when the Boyz were pastured for lack of direction and an incurable spending habit.

        How 'bout we just worry about what TSAI produces for a bit and stop all this ignorant cheerleading on a sales relationship to a product that is ancillary to the BASE24 product itself?

      • I, I am so sorry. DCTI is still traded on the US OTC market...big !^%$#@ deal.

      • You and Denotch are really pathetic. Netsor has added zero value to TSAI since the "strategic" alliance was announced some five years ago. In fact, the only thing it has brought TSAI is a DCTI type investment. And yes...the last time I looked (ie about 5 min ago) DCTI was delisted from NASDAQ. Says a hell of a lot about TSAI's investments.

        As for the "new" deal...TSAI got the hellout of NETSOR. They can do what they like with the software without paying NESTOR a cent. Mind you, that's not necessarily a good sign...PRISM has never been integrated with the other TSAI products anyway.

        So, racer_joebob and denotch, take your fantasties about NESTOR elsewhere. As C2C said, it's almost a nickel stock with no place to go. The only place it's going is down. My'll follow DCTI within the next 12 months.

        By the way, what do you and denotch have against facts. Don't you know how to read a 10K or 8K SEC filing yet??? If you don't...get the %%$#@! off this board and start your own NESTOR fantasy board

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