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  • denotch denotch Jul 31, 2001 5:54 PM Flag

    PRISM Progress

    Nestor's PRISM product specifically mentioned as moving ahead!!!!in earnings release. Says something about some of the ding-a-lings on this board. Keep an eye on NEST....traffic moving full speed.

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    • Mr Traffic Lights

      You really do take the cake. You continue to flog a dead horse...there are absolutely no "numbers" associated with the statement you are talking about. In fact, all it states is:

      "Market feedback has been positive for several of our strategic initiatives,including our PRISM fraud and money laundering detection product, our new secure document delivery technology and our advanced e-payment authorization platform"

      What does that mean??? Sounds like typical sales and marketing statement to me. Where are the numbers???? Where are the customers???? Wat are the revenue streams??? What is the projected cash flow for this "wonderful" product. Just because it makes it into a press release does not necessarily guarantee success or product sales (just ask all the failures out there!!!).

      By the way, the word "flat" is mentioned in this earning statement several times actually, as opposed to PRISM once, and NEST zero. So, based upon your "enthusiasm", then, based upon a single "oblique" reference to PRISM, I can conclude that the world is flat????

      Why don't you go back to sleep or tracking red traffic lights in CA.

    • LOL! That's as funny as the proforma numbers released. Complete non-sense.

      Anybody see any dilution from the repricing of the employee stock options? Does that even matter any more with this proforma earnings crap?

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