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  • pullingthestring pullingthestring Feb 15, 2007 8:34 PM Flag

    Cramer Bashers

    I bought these 5 Cramer recommendations back in July/August about 2-3 weeks after his mention and after doing my own DD.

    CSCO up 24%
    DYN up 24%
    COST up 19%
    NBR down 12%
    XMSR down 6%

    I didn't buy in equal quantities and bought over a few week period and not over a few month period as I probably should have. I also don't look to see when he trades out but maybe I should start looking at this more closley. I sold out of NBR when I was down 18% and out of XMSR even but if I bought in equal quantities and held I'd be up around 10%. Not 23% but still not bad for 6 months.