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  • philpt philpt Jun 5, 2007 2:07 AM Flag

    law suit

    How is about the law suit? Any impact on the stock price?

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    • Chip's first law of litigation...
      Any jag dork with $250 can sue any one, at any time, for any reason.

    • Lawsuit is a joke. If investors took it seriously, all the named defendants would be taking a bath right now. Watch for a late day surge. There are buyers on the sidelines waiting to get in before the close. Analyst day should bring more transperancy to the company about forward growth potential and revenue opportunities. We know the story is good, tomorrow will tell the street what they are missing. I wouldn't be suprised if we close in on $88 today.

    • "Ya, How about the Lawsuit??"

      Lawsuits are a killer. Generally, they weigh on a stock, and they can never recover. Expecting 20% returns with litigation mixed in is completely impossible.

      Recommend: Sell.

      Phillip Morris, and the Altria group.

      (SW, I might just cut/paste this all day)

    • Hay,
      1- The news was out one hour before the market close.
      2- They are suing GS,NYX,BOA,C....and more.
      3- If I will sue you tomorrow thats not going to mean I will win, 95% of cases dismissed( hegdefund play this game).
      4- The market up or down NYX will make money. In the end istatution, hedgefund, retail, shorts, longs..matual fund all they trades and they will pay and the listing companies they will pay too.

      from your posting it seem to me you are shorting the stock or paid to do that. If you are paid to do that go find better job and if you are short, cover asap before you go deeper.

      I am not sure about tomorrow or next week but this stock will be at $125+ year end.


    • Holy smokes....You guys would not have fared well in MSFT.