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  • theconmanjd theconmanjd Jun 13, 2007 9:44 PM Flag

    I have lost so much money on this POS, should I SELL?

    This has been one of the worst stocks I have ever owned. I just can't take it anymore, but selling now, with such an mindblowing loss, just seems like admiting absolute failure.

    Any suggestions?

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    • In the end, capitulation kills retail investors.
      I wouldn't sell out of NYX now.
      There may be additional price deterioration if they buy an options exchange, but otherwise there is huge upside.
      Synergy between NYSE and Euronext will be realized in the next year or so and it will continue to show very strong growth.
      I'm not sure what your basis is, but you might want to take half off the table when you get to even or a bit better - always better to lighten up your exposure and/or reduce any margin outstanding.
      Remember, you're assuming a near 10% yearly charge when you borrow, so it often pays to take a small loss if you think you're going to need to hold for awhile to break even.

      That being said, I'd sit tight.
      By Q4, we'll be back near 100.

    • ericyuan Jun 13, 2007 10:15 PM Flag

      join Marine and defend our country, then you will feel better.

    • You gotta do what you gotta do. Nobody would have lost as much money as they have if Cramer wasn't in this shit, I don't care what anybody says. Why do you think he now says he's tired of defending it and won't anymore? People must ask him everyday about this stock, he buried a lot of folks. I bought NYX before he recommended it as his stock of the year and know we would be a lot higher if he wasn't on board. Look at ICE. He didn't like that one either. He's the last bull as far as the media is concerned now though. CNBC doesn't even mention the shit anymore. I am down a lot on this stock but my advice to you is don't let this wipe you out. 1 year from now this stock will likely be a lot higher than it is now. 1 month from now?, who knows, I hope a lot higher but it looks and acts like pure shit right now. Stay in the game. Sell if you have to. Number one rule of this game is PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL. Cramer never mentions that shit on his lightening round sad money does he? Rules two and three?, see rule number one.