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  • duhstocks duhstocks Jul 27, 2007 4:36 PM Flag

    European Suceptibility Next Week?



    "There have been many analysts that are saying problems in US sub prime mortgage markets "have already caused some uncertainty for both US and European leveraged loan markets".A recent study by a leading firm found that "The European leveraged finance market is an unsustainable bubble, according to almost 60 per cent of respondents""80 per cent expected the bubble to burst in 6-12 months' time." So will Europe, who has been susceptible in the past, spiral out of control plunging the world in to darkness.Is Euronext doomed in a flawed system?Will it pop faster than Cramer hangs up on a guest after a question? It is possible but there is yet another side to the debate?"

    Europe has proven in the past to be suceptible to just about everything they are kind of on a crutch with all their subsidies

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