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  • unitedfitness unitedfitness Aug 9, 2007 10:26 PM Flag

    It looks like the ball drops tommorrow


    I do not like this tape. This cfc announcement could accelerate the debt market situation. I am trimming profitable positions tomorrow and raising cash. Nyx imho has actually become a defensive stock and should be held. I would say we are in for a blood bath tomorrow but with so many shorts in the market we very well may see a squeeze.
    I sold most of my BAC calls today and will unload the rest tomorrow. I think the so called savvy investment bankers of the world outthought themselves in inventing these collateralized debt obligation contracts and the snowball is rolling down the mountain. Perhaps Bill Fleckenstein has been right for the last four years. I asked myself two years ago if he was wrong. No he wasn�t, just too early.

    For whatever it's worth


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    • Yer freakin' me out a bit here mike...

      Gotta confess... for 2 weeks I've thought I should have taken profits....
      not that I have any in NYX, but elsewhere....
      and I have heard a few good bear arguments in the last few hours... not the usual shit grenades....


    • mike

      Jan 2010 100 strike have a premium of 13 so 13x100= 1,300 per contract. I believe NYX in 2 years !!!! will be over 113 beak even point for this LEAP.

      I would be very surprised if NYX in the year Jan 2010 is under 200 per share. Because of the recent NYX weakness the premium is very cheap, if you look at RIMM their premium is double of NYX.

      If Analyst don't change Q3 estimates and NMX deal is not done by end of the quarter I believe NYX will earn the same as Q2 or more plus we don't have the one time merger cost.

      Est is .60 and if we come in at .65 we should be flying, but I think analyst will start raising estimates next month once Aug numbers come out.

      Good Luck Mike. I hope you hold NYX for Years to come and not just sell after making some profit. NYX will be a Franchise that will be added to the S&P and DOW in the Future. I dont see why NYX can't be a Mega Cap Stock with a Market Cap of 300 billion in a 10 years.

      Better hold here and add more with the Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

    • united

      "Perhaps Bill Fleckenstein has been right for the last four years. I asked myself two years ago if he was wrong. No he wasn�t, just too early."

      Let me tell you that he and all those pessimist were wrong the last 4 years. and we haven't seen if they are correct right now. The notion of people being too early is stupid. Do you think those people were shorting for 4 years, I don't think so.

      So if I say we will have a recession from here and every year for the next 4 years and in the 4 year we go into a recession does that make me right. That's Laughable, and today one of those so call bears that said the market was overvalued since DOW 12000 said he was short just last 3 weeks. Funny those people have no conviction in their calls.

      The Economy still looks good, no reason to panic because of some Miserable idiots.

    • in the market timing is everything...SO IF YOUR EARLY-YOUR WRONG!

    • So, to symplify it for a dummie like me:

      Are you buying on dips, or selling on an uptick?