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  • genius_daytrader genius_daytrader May 14, 2008 11:45 AM Flag

    data fees - email from NYSE investor relations

    My email to Gary Stein

    Hello Gary,

    Could you comment on the lack of discussion with regards to data fees over the past several quarters. My understanding is that an SEC decision would represent a material new revenue stream for the company yet the topic does not seem to be addressed by management or analysts on the quarterly calls. Is there any timeframe over which investors could expect resolution to this long outstanding issue and equally importantly is there a reason why the topic seems to have dropped from the radar?

    Thanks in advance.

    His response:

    Thanks for the inquiry. Resolution of this situation remains a priority, but we cannot comment on the timeframe as the decision remains with the SEC.


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    • oh god, Stu is that you?

      Please tell me you have realized that writing IV will do nothing for the stock price.

      How many times do I have to explain it? You are a naive moron!!!

      • 1 Reply to txy30001
      • You're the naive moron bitch....

        I correspond to investor relations all the time. I don't do it to influence the share price numb nuts, I do it to let management know that retail investors care and are following the company and to exercise my rights as a shareholder. You're an idiot for even thinking the motive would be to influence share price. Here's another recent email exhange with Gary.

        My email:

        Hello Gary,

        I am a long-time shareholder of NYSE stock and we have spoken in the past on both the phone and over emails. I wanted to applaud management on the great first quarter and complement the core team which handled the call and related media interviews. Duncan and the rest of you of late have done a fantastic job at articulating the pace of cost synergies, the importance of understanding the unparalleled diversification of revenues the business now enjoys and the overall commitment to creating shareholder value. I have been so impressed that I had to write. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing continued cost savings as the merger continues to be completed and look forward to bringing the American Stock Exchange under the NYSE umbrella.

        Gary's response:

        Thanks very much for the feedback.


    • I don't expect them to grant us this and only treat this as a bonus if we ever get it. It's been 2 years since this discussion with them and the SEC first took place. As a shareholder I thank you for bringing it to their attention once again.

    • Thanks, Their response time is improving alot @ IR