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  • forget_it_hoes forget_it_hoes Dec 24, 2008 8:29 AM Flag

    The whole exchange a ponzi scheme?

    Every level of every stock has 1000000000000 shares available, what the heck is that? These crooks should all be investigated, no wonder the NYX has collapsed and will continue to do so, it's just another ponzi scheme probably like Madoff's. Someone should tape this and show it to 60 minutes, buy or short 100 stocks and I guarentee you 95% will immiediately go agisnt you. It's obvious that every stock is manupilated in the short term and intraday, sometimes long term as well, the whole wall street is a scam, its only a matter of time before they catch these greedy pigs, if anyone is investing in an exchange, he/she needs to have their head examined.

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