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  • tristrem tristrem May 16, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    What does "Niederauer" mean auf Deutsch?

    Here's what it appears to mean in German:

    "Nieder" - low, inferior; mean, base, vulgar.
    "Auer" - from the meadow (?)

    Draw your own picture.

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    • The german names (Niederauer, Greifeld, Sprecher)of the CEO´s of 3 big american exchanges sure make for good conspiracy theories. But home in Germany the top financial institutions are run by Swiss or Belgians.

      Americans take this DB/NYX merger way to personal.

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      • oldmode:

        some americans take this merger "personal" as you put it, because Americans still have a history to be proud of... and that includes the historical New York Stock Exchange.
        the Germans had their history pretty much not only 'muddied,' but slowly strangled off with the outcome of WWII in which they were proven the losers...
        what has happened with the germans is that they have decided, (certainly Merckel has) that germany no longer has a grand impact in international history,, especially militarily, and so have chosen to simply "go for the money," and excel in the world of business and finance. and that is basically their only national interest, other than giving poor africans money....

    • you're being a little lopsided there. semantically you may be right, but more likely the name means 'someone from a lower meadow,... lots of meadows are lower than others...
      but, man, we DID take one huge hit today !!!