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  • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon May 30, 2012 7:08 PM Flag

    why nobody wants to list on NYSE

    They don't launch enough risky ones or stop manipulation as good as the nasdaq. Aside from the FB travesty which was priced 15-20 dollars too high, nasdaq is also manipulated like the NYSE, and IMHO naked shorting (rolling stone article)

    No a typical day is down between 10-12% lol

    Gotta be the biggest pos scam, naked shorted mess listed, Goldman the phantom share issuer loves the naive longs here in my opinion.

    I picture a senator saying to Goldman higher ups, "listen I read the rolling stone article, looked at the proof and lost money in RENN and that FB pos, I'm not too happy with you guys or the scam you are running.

    Goldman guy says back

    Well tell the stupid CEO of the china scam you invested in if he wanted a halfway fair listing and a chance the scam takes off, you list on Nasdaq like BIDU SINA SOHU NTES and many others, how many china scams you ever seen from launched north on the NYSE? And the NYSE wonders why nobody wants to list on the NYSE?

    "Listen we will send over some 5 star girls from the private agency and a key of 90% pure powder over, after the weekend if you still think we owe you money we will refund your losses, don't buy anymore RENN though, we can't cover ADR's a second time as they are some of the riskiest stocks on the entire exchange.

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