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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up Aug 14, 2012 7:01 PM Flag

    specialists for RENN and DANG seriously

    All you have to do is get 5 or six friends to pump these two double in a hurry and then the retail guys are going to come in and make a triple you can then jump out of.

    You are losing money just forcing both of these lower everyday for no reason. Low volume in the stocks forever, you have had 2 years to load up on shares.

    Pump these two already seriously. NYSE is by far the most stupid exchange, make a market, don't just destroy companies, these two are going to go private if you do not lift them I would say triple by Oct expiration.

    And after the NYSE blows these two hot listings, good luck getting anymore chinese listings on your 4th rate exchange, where the human overides the machines.