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  • texanndoty texanndoty Apr 29, 2009 2:53 PM Flag

    pricing of new offering

    Looks like to me HNSN priced the new offering at $3.25 immediately after they announced unfavorable quarterly info. Right? Does anyone dislike the fact that the officers bought a ton of this stock at the $3.25?? Right?? Now, only a few days later this stock is moving higher on huge volume. Am I missing or incorrect about something??

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    • irenecarol Apr 30, 2009 5:11 AM Flag

      u sure are missing something unless your name has steinburg, rothenburg, peter-piper peckerburg in it.

      Got the message... we aren't the players at least im not with a name like mccray- tis to Ireland for me!
      However I'm long on this stock as it is the last stock my daddy gave me before he passed and he knew a good company vs a bad. good luck all

    • This company has increased sales year over DRAMATICALLY in a terrible economy. In addition, they are selling units (although at a lower price) at a faster rate than Intuitive Surgical did in its first two years. Did YOU read the company financials? They just won a 30+ million dollar lawsuit agains LUNA and they raised 30+ million in the stock offering. They now have plenty of working capital and will sell near 60 units this year. Unless I am reading those financials that you scoured over, this company is in no trouble at all.

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      • umm, not quite, gfl collecting any of that "lost profits" award after they hire their own glitz attorneys, appeal the ruling and hire real financial experts to puch holes in the claim bigger than sensei does to arteries and cardiac tissue.

        Even if not, Luna has no capacity to pay even a small fraction of that amount.

        As to their proceeds from the third secondary in two years? It will last them about a year of the present burn rate. Yuor 60 units is a but out there, buts selling 40 systems to small facilities may happen this year. but if they and the sheaths are sold at "pathetic margins" and no one uses them much after coming up the learning curve re patient injuries, how does that help them do anything in the way of building cash flow?

        oops, i forgot freddy and what's left of the team are setting course for new galaxies, far, far away from ep... that will solve everything! yes, this company is much like Heaven's Gate, you just "gotta believe" in the leader, and willingly turn over all your money to him.

    • Does anybody read financials anymore? This poor company is flat busted, continues to lose money, has new stock coming out priced at a pittance in order to sell, and continues to be the pipedream of its founder, who should have stayed at Intuitive Surgical. Zombie banks?? This is a Zombie company.

    • I hear you BUT we all had the opportunity to buy HNSN at or below $3.25 on the open market. IMO, be glad that the insiders bought at 3.25 because they clearly feel it is a good investment from here.

      Now, what I'm going to do is track insider SELLING as once they dump it will be time to GTFO!!!

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