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  • takjaktu takjaktu Nov 14, 2009 3:53 AM Flag

    sounds like HNSN has user issues not product

    what I mean is one can always blame the device because the user can't use one in a correct manner. Kind of like blaming the car for the accident.

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    • You guys may want to actually try to understand what is going on with this equipment instead of spouting off like sophomoric twits who likely don't understand why Sensei can not be used in the left ventricle, why elite docs are concerned about variable tenting force in the beating heart, why elite docs who used this equipment have suggested at ACC and HRS forums that only experienced manual ablationists in top centers with experienced technical staff should even consider trying to use Sensei, and why Biosense Webster has filed "conscientious objector" MAUDES regarding the use of its catheters in an off-label fashion they were not designed for (i.e., inside HNSN's sheaths).

      Nah... you guys should consider joining "Heaven's Gate" -- at least you'll get a ride on a space ship for your money.

    • Like a Covair or perhaps some of those cars that would spontanelusly burst into flames, or others that would accelerate when trying to put the car into park.

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      • Tett,
        Well said -- if i'd seenm you post first i would have passed on mine.

        The newbs should search the FDA MAUDE filings -- or just here will do it -- for "non-instinctive driving". That will drive some learning for them huh?

        Remember, too, what Ralph Nadar said about the Corvair?

        sensei: "good as AVERAGE doc manual" in the hands of careful, very experienced elite EP docs... but no where near as safe as those same docs own patient safety records doing manual, and way back from STXS Niobe's vastly superior patient safety record.

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