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  • dtmck_99 dtmck_99 Jul 1, 2008 11:19 AM Flag

    50% plunge in one month

    This stock is now tracking the companies actual earnings versus speculative buying. More bad times ahead but the bottom may be hear or near. It could be a long cold winter for LPX.

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    • HELP! I bent over to grab my ankles and can't get up. I bought at 10.60 & it's been all downhill since. As I see it my options are as follows:

      1. Sell now and get a nice tax write off.

      2. Hold on & hope next year will be better.

      3. Try to borrow money from brother-in-law & double down on LPX.

      4. Sell everything I own & join some nice laid back Amish community.

      All advice will be appreciated. No "I told you so's" please--my soon to be ex-wife beat you to the punch on that one.

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      • Yah, you can com an join the yoder clan. We trade stock also, pig for horse, goat for sheep. Hope you like black.

      • LPX is a long-term hold and may continue to drop a bit in the short-term. If this $$$ is not part of your long-term portfolio, you may be SOL. IF you have capital gains to use against tax loss, it may be prudent to sell and buy back in 30+ days assuming that LPX will not move significantly up in the near term. Be aware that you can only deduct $3K or so of the loss each year in your itemized deductions if you do not have off-setting capital gains (talk to your accountant). Borrowing money to buy stock is a short-term strategy that will send you to the poor house. Borrow if you have bills to pay, but be smart about using it in the market - that's too close to day trading. You will lose your ass doing that over time. The amish lifestyle would be no picnic. If it were me, I would sit tight and hold for the long-term (3-5+ years) assuming that I did not need access to this money in the short-term. Good luck with your decision.

      • Hold, don't dbl down.

    • Based on the Barron's comments regarding the dividend, this could be a good entry point for a long-term hold. Even though the current price likely prices in the dividend story being cut and/or eliminated in order to pay down the debt, I will wait to see if this actually happens. If it does, I would look for a short-term price drop presenting a better buying opportunity. If it does not, I will just buy-in at that point - probably still south of $9.

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