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  • ohmygoodness6 ohmygoodness6 Oct 11, 1999 8:29 PM Flag

    If earnings tank...

    Count on class action shareholder suits.

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    • I am not selling until the price hits $21.

    • Michigan Partners and when do you expect the
      offer to come. Maybe I should start buying more shares
      to bring my average cost down and take advantage of
      the takeover, if it is actually going to

      I would tender at $21/share.

    • There is no reason in a takeover of the Company
      at least hostile that is ......... and even a
      freindly merger (ie takeover) is doubtful ...... the right
      circumstances and finacial reasonings are not there to make
      this a possible consideration ... and a merger would
      certainly be at greater than $21 per share.

    • that's the rumor I heard....

    • Been hearing rumors that the company get's taken over!!!FWIW

    • I think I heard that they were going to reduce
      the amount of input by L-P to match the employee
      input. That is a far cry from the company just inputing
      10% of your salary into stocks each year without the
      employee being obligated at all. Without any contribution
      on my part I excaped with over $300,000 for 22 years
      with the company. Not Bad. The present managemnet is
      trying any way they can to screw the average Joe. this
      is just another way of putting money in the
      managemnet pockets.

    • Think you misunderstood birdbrain...they are
      giving us many options in the new program. We had
      meetings about the 401K and other retirement options. I
      feel it will be better than the ESOT program we've
      had. I like the increased options.

    • They are limited to 25% of there stock per year being withdrawn.

    • birdbrain . . . It ought to be a criminal act to
      institute an employer sponsored 401K or other retirement
      plan that does not give the employee an investment
      option other than that companies stock. The employee is
      investing his/her career in the company. They shouldn't be
      forced to gamble their retirement as well.

    • I really don't think there is many ex-LP
      employees or current LP employees that are not full of
      venom in regards to LP management. Harry, Jim and Dan
      D. made alot of money for this Corp. Ronnie Paul was
      a complete idiot from the southern division. He was
      in charge of the mill in Urania, LA. that producted
      panel siding from southern pine, I shouldn't have to
      tell you of the results, pine resin bleed through up
      the butt. Urania doesn't produce panel siding
      anymore, no dah! But LP Corp is in the process of bringing
      another southern plant on line to produce panel
      siding,and they are going to use southern pine again! Things
      have changed but they really havn't. After the big
      siding law suit, those in charge (Warren Easly) and the
      rest of his team decided to add a powdered Borate to
      the process as a rot inhibiter. With no research and
      developement, they slapped the same 20-25 year warrenty on this
      product!!. This siding product should have been dropped with
      the law suits, but LP Corp decided to keep it alive.
      Fact is, if they had dropped the product line
      entirely, the eyes would of really opened up and probably
      the company would not of survived. Maybe this has
      created some fears with the stocks, But I still believe
      it is a lack of confidence in the current management
      that has caused the down fall. I understand that as of
      the first of the new year LP employees are going to
      be given an option as to how their retirement stock
      moneys can be invested. Would this have any bearing on
      stock values? I would think that LP management would
      rather see an employee invest $75,000 into something
      other than LP instead of the $150,000 it would of been
      2 months ago. I don't know, I'm just throwing this
      out there.

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