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  • berla44 berla44 May 8, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    It pays 1.60 yet the stock price did not fall?

    Help me understand this...If you bought it say May 2nd around 3.1 , and held to today may 8th, still around 3.1 a share, you could have sold it today, got your original investment back (minus your 20 dollars in trading fees), and then they are sending you 1.60 per share? Basically a 50% return on investment for holding the stock on date of record? What gives? I thought the share price was supposed to drop by the amount of the ex-dividend?

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    • the ex-dividend day is June 5th set by nasdaq because the 25% rule apply. anyone who sell before June 5th will not received the $1.6. but I have a question, if I buy the stock from now till June 4, do receive the dividend for all the share I purchaes? If you know please shed your light on this.

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      • I believe the catch here is Record date. Even though the ex date is after the pay date you must be a holder by May 7th and not sell before the ex-date. My understanding is that the div now belongs to the buyer of your stock. The mechanics of that, go figure. How the due bill works ?????.
        If I buy a stock on the record date, do I get the dividend?
        A: With normal dividends, no. In cases of a deferred ex-dividend
        date, yes, as long as you continue to hold the stock until at
        least the deferred ex-dividend date.

      • The dividend proceeds for that time frame are handled differently.....but YES, you will definitely receive the 1.60 div payout for purchases up to 6/4

    • i thought the same things at one point. read a few of the earlier message threads here and you'll figure it out.

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