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  • one1badbilly one1badbilly Jul 17, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    two cents

    imo this is likely a sucker play by small carny operators in the know re merck Q2 results (enzn crooks got away with hundreds of millions [sorry] and this is peanuts). we'll see, July 14th Short Interest out 24th 4 PM. love to be wrong, and what we're seeing be due to whispers to connected ears, but hmm, stair stepped rise, not exactly an efficient market signature

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    • Merck 2Q PegIntron Sales $142m vs $126m Q1, the sky is not falling, $4 stock on sale for $2.

    • short interest down slightly, good sign, June 28th price bump likely due to stable Merck Q2 sales, let's hope

    • So are you saying that you think Merck will have good Q2 results, and thus ENZN will rise (and that there are some operators that know this ahead of time)? Or are you saying that Merck will have bad Q2 results, and thus ENZN will fall (and that there are operators setting it up for a plunge when the bad news hits)? Not sure I clearly understood what you meant.

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      • it's not possible to know what the rise means imo, it most certainly is the case that merck knows how the numbers look and players who follow merck and know how to get that information know, Likely for a week or two by now. If the numbers are stable then the rise is most likely due to this, but I'm doubtful of this, the rise looks artificial (stair stepped). Information is information, smaller hedge funds looking for any kind of angle/niche would pick up on this and engineer a run up while shorting at the same time. If that is at play we should see some bump in the short interest, too late now to hold back, although that is not guaranteed of course.

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