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  • sfsi_mont sfsi_mont Jun 15, 2013 3:25 AM Flag

    . . . is there anybody . . . Out There ! (feels like a pink floyd song)

    i wonder what it was like for the sfmi investors on
    May 14th 2010
    when silver falcon peaked at it's highest . . . Enthusiasm, excitement ?
    a second but little lower peak gave their hearts another smile on Sept. 17th, 2010.
    they probably thought, it's peaking again . . . but it seems to be going down.
    the great "sfmi" gave them one more "peak"
    Dec. 17th, 2010.
    a gift
    a gift of things to come.
    they must of felt, well, it's something . . but it wasn't like it use to be.

    are those people still here?
    are they waiting . . .
    waiting in the shadows for a "peak" that will top May 14th 2010?
    or have they disintegrated?
    disintegrated into false hopes?
    sadness . .
    never to be seen or heard of again?

    my question to those that blazed they trail with
    .. sfmi.

    . . . is there anybody . . . Out There !

    steve and sandra

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