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  • euromaster133 euromaster133 Nov 19, 2004 9:58 AM Flag

    Euro to go upto 1.40 USD

    Now Euro is all time high to 1.30,
    Neither US John Snow nor Alan greenspan is worried about it.

    Even today AG said Twin deficit is big threat and foreigners are buying less & less USD.

    As Dollar drop , whoever had bought Dollar earlier will come out and sell it. If Interest does not increase.

    If AG will increase interest rate, Economy will go for Doom. It is Chicken and Egg problem.

    Middle East, Russia , Malasia are actively discussing about Petro-Euro. If petro euro becomes reality , Dollar will go down to 1.5 and even more in next year.

    One good thing about that will be Worl will achieve Econoic balance and will keep both the currency in check .
    Should US or Europe will try to spend lavishly their currency will get punished.

    Petro-Euro will be reality soon.
    Buy Euro , Buy Gold.

    -Euro master

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