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  • paladin_hgwt05 paladin_hgwt05 Nov 25, 2005 12:49 AM Flag


    After wading through some of the usual tripe from bud, boca, chalice and a few others, it strikes me that today must have been an empty celebration for many people. For to be thankful one must appreciate all that one has, material and otherwise, and how it all came to be.

    Take the freedom and liberties we enjoy by simply having had the good fortune of being born into the greatest and most powerful democracy the world has ever known. If you live in America, you have already won the lottery. Fewer than 4 out of every 100 people on Earth have that privilege. Regardless of your lot in life would you take a little blue marble with your name on it and drop it back into the bucket for the world lotto sweepstakes in hopes of improving your life? Are you kidding me?

    Despite your good fortune, all some of you can do is complain, undermine our country, disrespect our military and denigrate the sacrifice countless of your fellow citizens have made for you so that you can live your life.

    To be thankful one must have gratitude, appreciation and understanding of what others have selflessly done for you. Since you are unable to connect the dots on this concept, you will forever remain nothing more than a bunch of marginalized, malcontented, ingrates and dilatants. You will never understand the pride some of us feel every time we meet a person in uniform or have a lump in your throat when you hear God Bless America. You will never know what it feels like to win a hard fought battle or to achieve more than even you think you can when really tested. You will go to your graves criticizing the people in the trenches doing the dirty work all the while complaining that they didn't do more for you.

    I wonder how many of the other 96 people that did not win the drawing would love to have the opportunity you are squandering? It's a shame we'll never know. Semper Fi? You're damn right Semper Fi!!! And God bless them for it.

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