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  • mjp326 mjp326 Aug 26, 2006 8:40 AM Flag

    JPM Dividend

    I have large positions in BAC and JPM. On a dividend adjusted basis, JPM is up 37.4% and BAC is up 26.1%. Of course, that performance puts JPM heads and shoulders above BAC.

    BAC, since 11/03 when I made my first major purchase after getting hammered by the FFB takeover, on a split adjusted basis, has increased the dividend from 40c quarterly to 56c quarterly, while the JPM dividend hangs at 34c.

    Many of the JPM shares I hold are old CMB shares from the 90's and have low basis values.

    It would be nice to see the dividend start to rise again. The divies are sure nice frosting to the investment.

    Any thoughts?

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    • I for one am getting tried of the wait on raising the dividend; what is the reason for not increasing????

    • I too have significant positions in JPM and BAC, at lower prices than todays market. I also like the dividend (and the tax treatment)but, today I started to sell some of my JPM (BAC's x date is this week)and I did so for the following reasons:
      1-I would not buy JPM at todays price given the dividend less than 3%.
      2-JPM very big player in the retail mortgage business and I am concerned that we are going to see an unhappy ending here as home prices start to fall.
      3-The Bank today is being run largly by the Bank One gang. Not really the brain trust to compete with the guys at C and BAC or WB for that mattar. I think they have done a real good job at cost containment but never get the impression that these is a grand plan that somebody is checking off!!

      I still like JPM but think that its overbought and there is a chance to take some off table for now and get back in cheaper..


    • Hello, mjp326,

      I, too, hold positions in BAC and JPM. My holdings in JPM are much larger than what I have in BAC, however. My cash basis for JPM is 6 cents.

      I think JPM is long overdue for a nice raise in dividend--or a split,although I realize the price is probably not high enough for that possibility yet.

      I continue to question when Dimon will reward the stock holders. He continues to take bonuses and live the very good life, and I think the shareholders deserve a bit of a "bonus," too!

      Do you have any thoughts on when dividend increases might occur?

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      • likes2invest,

        I have confidence in the bank and Dimon. I really have no idea about when a divvie increase will occur. It has been at the current level for a while, as you know as a long term holder. I think I remember you from the FHN board. I think FHN right now is pretty cheap, getting hit hard by this quarter's earnings. As of today's close it yields 4.68%. There is an article that lists its fair value at $52.

        Looking at that one tomorrow.

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