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  • acts_111_231_111 acts_111_231_111 Mar 12, 2009 1:10 PM Flag

    Jail is too good for Jamie Dimon

    I would like to know if the shoe was on the other foot and JPIG was screwed over like WM was would all JPIG investors be docile and not fight for justice? This issue isn't whether WM management ran the company into the ground but rather if negligence, conspiracy, and injustice was done to an organization, its employees, and investors.

    The answer is yes and all WM shareholders can't believe such a blatant act is being swept under the rug.

    If the government can do this to WM than what other rights can they violate and get away with it? Isn't this how the NAZIS started. There must be a rule of law in this country!

    Just because you are a shareholder of JPIG and are profiting from the theft of WAMU doesn't make it right! Is seeing your share price go up all that matters - I guess to some it is.

    One great man once said "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

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    • You don’t get it! We are sorry you lost your money, but you continue to blame and yell at the wrong people! If you want to have a law suit, gather up your big bucks, and go for it. In the meantime, leave the JPM board, because no one here can help you, has any sympathy for your complaints that are made in foul and ugly language, and thinks you’re wasting your time with all of the insane and vulgar postings!!

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      • We will not leave this board until the truth is uncovered, the perpetrators are punished, and restitution is made. And yes jpig is a party to this crime.

        and don't use the excuse about the language of "some of" the posts for not engaging in unbiased dialogue.

        what do you think should happen in this case - the govt and jpig should get away with this crime? Maybe bernie madoff should get away with what he did too. I guess no one was injured physically so to some it doesn't matter. How sad what money can do to a person!

        again, remember how nazi germany started!

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