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  • slowoldswimmer slowoldswimmer Apr 14, 2010 7:40 AM Flag

    How jpm make money?

    DNC/RNC CRONY CAPITAL... Audit FED... Paulson, Dodd, Barry, Dubya, Jamie, Lloyd, Corzine, Rubin, Bubba... all are worse than Hannibal Lecter...

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    • I PRESUME THAT "YOU DUBBLE IN THE STOCK MARKET TO MAKE MONEY," RIGHT? So, even if in your view, the management of a successful company are a bunch of crooks as long as you meet your intended goal of "PROFITABILITY" for your HARD EARNED CAPITAL, why not take advantage, after all, there should be a government agency who are suppose to be in charge to guard against these fraud. Now, if these bunch of brilliant crooks are able to circumvent the law for big profits, it seem to me, the best thing to do as an above average investor is to share from the loot instead of criticizing these brilliant rascals.

      I share the popular view that the previous and the present administration has provided a life line to these banks and others (AIG, GMC, etch) and has since been cuddling them with almost 0% interest money to lend and invest for a "SURE" profit. Then, the first thing they did is to pat themselves in the back with outlandish bonuses, HE! HE!; but, hey, what can we do as a small tiny investor,...TAKE ADVANTAGE AND MAKE MONEY WITH THEM WHILE WE CAN, and then vote out all those congressman/senators who failed to do their duties either directly or indirectly to safeguard the banking system. Start by watching PBS FRONTLINE: THE WARNING. It will open your eyes of what kind of people have we elected in washington pertaining to "self worth" and intelligence.

      The sad part is, like it or not, the government have no choice now but to continue what they started to prop up this "economic recovery" with unlimited printed money, 'cause these bailed out companies are now BIGGER and have a stronger hold on our economic well being as a nation. So, instead of solving the TOO BIG TO FAIL problem that got us into this financial debacle, we are now more intertwined with what these brilliant rascals are doing or going to do. I'm pretty sure, to keep filling up their bulging pockets at the expense of anybody, everybody, anywhere. Don't forget how they manipulated the crude oil market to about $145/barrel.

      My point here guys is; IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM. The fact is, right now there is no safer investment than big banks, 'cause now, we not only need them, we are married to them and divorce is out of the question when they can buy any "judge" that can grant it. Among the big banks Goldman and JPM stand out. Love or hate them, they will just continue to march higher from hereon, after all, the US government is backstopping them. We will be ready to catch and nurse them to health if they fall,...A G A I N !!! Ponder on that america.

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