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  • bobbibedahlia bobbibedahlia Dec 28, 2010 11:11 AM Flag

    JPm shorts, copper and other tales

    back in my time when you wanted to learn to play the guitar you went out and bot one and practiced.But today people buy guitar hero as a substitute.In olden times if you thought you wanted to bring the price down in a stock you simply, are you ready for this: you shorted the stock.But today you buy silver based on unfounded rumors (except from the people who already own silver who spread rumors. Fact: JPM is opening a copper ETF and has bot a billion bucks of the stuff for itself and clients.(not to offset a mythical position to cover it silver short)This was reported in the Wallstreet journal It was also reported to the press that JPM covered some positons in silver now if JPM or clients had this huge amount of silver well it would have sent the price soaring (didnt happen) If you tell a lie tell a big lie a little lie wont be believed.hence the lie: JPM which buys and sells silver for its clients and itself everyday holds one and a half trillion bucks of short silver futures. This naivete is foisted off on the uneducated like a teleevangelist who tells you god is real and answers prayers or some politican who convinced you there were terrible WMDS in Iraq.In short, if you want to bring JPm price down short the stock if you want to learn to play guitar buy a guitar.
    DO you really think any large bank or its clients would take an unhedged position of a trillion bucks unhedged?

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