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  • major_momomo major_momomo May 26, 2012 7:38 AM Flag

    Grand Jury required to investigate corruption at SEC and CFTC


    SEC Dropping Lehman Case: Where’s the Outrage?

    With any luck, this latest outrage will revivify Occupy Wall Street in a big way and send THOUSANDS of people onto the streets.

    This time, they need to aim their slings and arrow at the SEC and CFTC, plus all other market regulators who demonstrate overt corruption in such a flagrant and indefensible manner.

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    • Tragically I am an SEC whistleblower who has met with many gutless / co-conspiratoral "congress". I blew the whistle in 2007 about the SEC/CEO "hotline" to the SEC Office of General Counsel "to stop or stall (SEC) investigations." didn't hear about that? I also blew the whistle on why the post-Enron deceptively corrupt loop-hole ridden PR stunt sold as Sarbanes-Oxley was such a massive failure. Except for the accountants, lawyers. regulators etc. that made $$$$$$ off of redundant B.S. paperwork that obviously nobody was going to look at anyway. In fact...SOX was ILLEGAL and is easily proven as such. Doff-Frank should be called Frank-Dodd so we could call it what it really is...FROD! To fool people into thinking Wall Street is safe. I went to MSM, WSJ, NYT, WAPO, 60 Minutes...they are proven cowards and enriched for promoting coordinated "half-truths" and flat-out lies. I have documented prima-facie evidence of congressional corruption. Huge National law firms refuse to take the case. My name is Mark J. will hear more.

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      • Be strong Mark. Country needs people like you.

      • investigate everyone...gensler,chilton,dimon,greenspan, takes many to suppress the price of metals...f them

      • when I was in the military we had a saying that went something like: "Don't blow the whistle unless your the referee"
        However don't worry because someone will stop JPM's (Dimons) clock sooner or later.

      • Phil Angelides...the "Chairman" of the Financial Crisis Inquiry (C)ommission / Political Theater stated at the conclusion of the "investigation" that "Very powerful interests undermined the commission." That is "Obstruction of a Federal Investigation". Nothing was done the FCIC was a scam / fraud / sick joke. The FCIC ignored / rejected NUMEROUS SEC Whistleblowers! Leh, AIG, FNM, BSC,Countrywide, IndyMac, Wachovia ALL and more had honest well-intended WB's that risked EVERYTHING and were not only ignored but attacked mercilessly. Finally...the SEC (Selective Enforcement Commission) recently started an investigation into its former Inspector General H. David Kotz who was forced out of the SEC for being too critical of its Top to Bottom corrupt culture.

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