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  • juicyjuice10001 juicyjuice10001 Oct 19, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    Mr. Dimon finally talking

    about the WAMU fiasco. While Ms. Blair has appeared in several shows and wrote a book specifically about the fairness of WAMU fiasco, Mr. Dimon seems to have taken up the internet message board now that DC court has allowed lawsuit by the WAMU bondholders against JPM. Of course Mr. Dimon has now forced an EC member to calm down the WAMU shareholders. Even though the mediation results were kept secret,an EC member now is speaking up in defense of JPM and FDIC. What did he/she got in return is still in the air.

    "After months of speculation by the WAMU shareholders about the fairness of the settlement with JPM and FDIC, an EC member finally has spoken up. He/she has not identified himself or herself. Mr. Catz, a widely considered as a mole of JPM apparently told the shareholders on a meesage board that JPM and/ or FDIC will not contribute any more than what has been agreed during the mediation which took over two months. EC had recommended the shareholders to release JPM and FDIC. The shareholders were asked to release JPM for any criminal wrongdoing as the settlement was fair. The shareholders do not believe the settlement was fair as the hedge funds who traded on the insider information received the jail free cards and JPM got away with criminal wrongdoing if any. The DC court on the other hand still feels there is case against JPM. The WAMU bondholders are able to pursue JPM as they feel JPM had misinformed the regulators about the financial health of WAMU and caused the harm to the WAMU stakeholders. Why so much secrecy as to the mediation results? As the election comes close, JPM and FDIC are ready to cover their wrongdoing now thru their moles. They are trying to convince the shareholders that the wipe out of the shareholders was fair despite the assets of WAMU exceeding the liabilities by over 30 billion dollars. How much of that money went to those who control the Delaware court and towards the democratic camp to coverup this fiasco? Will Romney dig into this?

    Why not a PR from EC to explain the results of mediation instead of calling an internet user controlling and moderating a message board?"

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