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  • escarigo70 escarigo70 Oct 19, 2012 2:23 PM Flag

    Salt and gold and the debt standard

    Europe and the Usa have two eonomic politics the usa print money and europe try to control is currency with austerity, many believe that the end of the roman empire is because that is currency don´´t have worth, but in the begining of the roman empire the legionaires were paid in salt, in portuguese the word is sal, the word salary became from the latin salt because the army was paid in salt. is wrong that rich people in time of crisis are that ones that have gold, i believe that salt is more needed that gold to live, but salt everione have that is because is price, the salt is like the dollar for americans, everyone need and they have, while europe is trying to have a strong currency but europe is disapearing, spain, portugal and italy were the countrys that had is population more uniform, but with the crisis other population of other countrys are coming the owners of the country, i think that ones that believe that gold or a strong currency is the hope of a salvation of a population is wrong, they will fall. the usa is trying to find a new way that a country or a civilization survive is the debt standard, this is ceating conditions for is popuation live now and that is the more hard task preparing for the next generation that could control the debt, and that geeration could control the debt and prepare the next generation that control the debt , resuming the debt is the hope when controled that a country or civilization could have more time in the centurys to survive.

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