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  • escarigo70 escarigo70 Nov 17, 2012 2:20 PM Flag

    Is time to president obama show is position for midle east

    The president of USA must find a solution to the midle east, Iran survived to the arab sping, the internal problems of iran are very scared for western world, the advisers of president obama must advise the president obama about the internal situation of iran, this country is having a situation of total stupid financial governement, iran is a mixed of afganistan and irak, from a dark and religeous control of the minds of the old population that had sufered the war against irak to the young population that had a state control like sadam hussain use in irak, the youth of iran is controled by old storys of pain and that ones that have other thougths are controled by the regim of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The youth of iran does not exist, they are to young to participate in change of is country and to old to figth for a change.
    The president of usa must find a way to the youth of iran can have a future.

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