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  • sky_walker618 sky_walker618 Feb 12, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    Supreme court hearling on Obama's eligibility for presidency on Feb 15

    I do not know how real this is. But you never know ...

    U.S. Supreme Court: Supplemental Brief Of Newly
    Discovered Evidence Filed In Obama Eligibility Case

    As reported here Dr. Orly Taitz filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the United States for the Obama eligibility case Noonan v Bowen. It was submitted to Chief Justice John Roberts on December 26th, 2012, and on January 9th, 2013, the petition was referred to the full court and distributed for conference scheduled for February 15, 2013. Below is the supplemental brief just filed:


    Case at hand is scheduled to be heard on February 16, 2013 (15th) in a conference of all the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. (Note: See note at end of this post - explanation of what happens in this 'hearing' clearly misunderstood by most everyone.)

    This case came from the Supreme Court of California and was brought by Presidential Candidates Edward Noonan, Thomas Gregory MacLeran and Keith Judd against the Secretary of the State of California, seeking to stay the certification of the votes for the candidate for the U.S. President Barack Obama due to the fact that the aforementioned candidate committed fraud when he provided his declaration of the candidate and when the Democratic party submitted the certificate of the nomination due to the fact that Barack Obama is not eligible for the position, as he is not a Natural .....................................

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    • The Supreme court might not pick up the case, because they probably do not want trouble.

      But what do I know??

    • I always have thought that "Right Wing Birthers" lied about Obama's birth certificate, until I took a look of the "long-form birth certificate" released on Apr 11, 2011. The digital pdf file has apparently been modified/revised/doctored.

      But the convincing piece of evidence is the printed form of Obama's Bio in 1991. His book agent came out saying that the info was a mistake. That at least proved that the printed material is genuine. As you know, it is quite easy to erase or modify the database entries if you are a SuperUser. But it is almost impossible to destroy all the printed brochures published more than 20 years ago.

      Both Republican and Democrat can lie. But the printed material from 1991 will not lie, simply to make somebody's story whole.

      That is why I believe that Obama was not a natural born US citizen.

    • How real is it? Well the Justices look at around 10,000 such briefs and accept around 5% for adjudication. So the chance that they will accept this one is 5%.

      Of course this brief is a very high profile one since it is rumored that the Pope is resigning because it has been discovered that he is the real father of Obama by way of a Kenyan female sorceress whom he took advantage of while she was having an epileptic fit.

      Obama was actually born on the way to the hospital in Kenya in a secret basement compartment of the Pope-mobile in the attempt to keep his Kenyan birth a secret since it was known that 43 years later the plan was to have him run for the US presidency.

      The real mystery is why they named him Barack Hussein Obama. Not on the face of it a real smart move.

      Anyway maybe we will learn more about all this when the Supreme Court of these United States burnishes it's already glorious brand by accepting this brief.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I do not know whether the resignation of Pope is related to this hearing, which is just four days away.

    • Three major evidences cast shadow on Obama's eligibility:
      (1) The digital version of "long-form" birth certificate" currently posted on whitehouse website has obviously been "doctored". To check for yourself, download the pdf and zoom-in by 1600%.
      (2) A printed brochure in 1991 by Obama's book agents stated that Obama was "born in Kenya, and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."
      (3) Obama's social security number is claimed to have been issued in the State of CT.

      If the US Supreme Court really pick up this issue, there will be an interesting show over the next few months.

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