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  • escarigo70 escarigo70 Mar 7, 2013 9:04 AM Flag

    The system of the job market is inificient in Portugal

    i don´t know about the job market in other country, but in Portugal the job market don´t work, when people lost they job they go to the unemployment center to have is social benefict, after they have social benefict they need to prove they are searching job, they go to local companys try to find the certificate they are searching jobs, the local companys gave is ceartificate that don´t need they go to unemployment center and show they are searching job, the problema here they are losing time and Money in the bad system, because even governemnt cuting the social beneficts for the unemployers, they are thinking in the worst that they will lost all the social participation of the government and they cut spendings, i believe that is not the best way to figth the unemployment, i believe the way to figth the unemployment is ceating projects to create a business, if the unemplyment center prefer to see 3 or 4 projects to ceate is on job better than the certificate of a local company that show that is searching for job, if the local unemployment center works good if they see the projects and say this is not good or these could be a good ideia, this put the unemployed thinking, better than go to a bar and ask if they need a worker they no that the bar don´t need and gave a certificate that is looking for job, i believe that the unemployment center must whant ideias put the unemployed mind working, and that gave hope to unempoyed that he could work is life will not be the miserie he could work again he could have a better life. I believe that is puting the mind working is better than a system that his cuting the hope of the unemployed.

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