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  • fernando_rua fernando_rua Jun 4, 2013 4:59 AM Flag

    Yong unemployment

    Thie unemployment of the youth afect countrys with austerity and countrys that stymulate is economy, the governments must face this problema, i believe that the companys can´t solve this problema, the goverments must find a way to figth against this problem, in the past this problem were solved by going to the army, but now that door is closed. The yong unemployment is a problem that austerity or stymulus can´t find a solution.

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    • Fernando, I'm assuming that you are young. After reading your post, I'm not surprised if you are unemployed.
      You write at a third grade level, your spelling and grammar are really, really, bad. Apparently the school system was too busy teaching you 'self respect' and what a great person you are, instead of teaching you basics that you'd need for later life.

      And, by the way, the teachers and their unions don't give one whit about you or your fellow students, they only care about their pay/retirement/benefits packages. And now they've unloaded someone like you into the real world, without the necessary skills to cope.

      And pathetic people everywhere are demanding that governments fix their problems. Hey, how about taking 'personal responsibility' for your problems and fixing them yourself.

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