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  • happyperson_1 happyperson_1 Oct 17, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    As long as they keep printing money with no assets, who do you think will be making the money?

    Of course it will be the financials. The money goes through them. Look for FAS to higher and FAZ to go lower. The president has made this very clear that this is going to continue happening on his watch.. He gives rhetoric concerning the little person but his actions dictate that he will keep them poor and dependent. Financials will continue to be able to defraud the public and be rewarded., debt ceiling will be raised in the guise that the discretionary(not needed) worker will be out of work, QE will be continued as the big banks are too big to fail and bodacious bonus's will be the reward for these crooks. It used to be China where this took place now the USA has surpassed them. Good luck to the diminishing middle class as they become the next generation requiring food stamps.

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    • FAZ continues to make multi year lows. Will not be that long and they will need to do another reverse stock split. The big boys continue to make millions every day trading these ETF's. They buy the financials, short FAZ and go long FAS. For them it is like playing monopoly by themselves assured of making money as the just give it to themselves. It is no wonder that they make 100 million a day trading.

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