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  • ETERNAL42016 ETERNAL42016 Dec 24, 1998 11:00 AM Flag

    misleading yield

    Why does the chart for mhx on the yahoo site list
    the dividend yield as 4.45%. If I'm not mistaken the
    dividend has been incorrectly listed for some time now.
    Can we (I) contact someone in charge of the site to
    address this mistake.

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    • Yahoo is showing a dividend of $0.82 which is the
      sum of the first two dividends from Meristar. They
      apparently are going by dividends actually paid over a year
      rather than annualizing the most recent quarterly
      dividend. It's probably an automated process which doesn't
      deal well with special situations. Yahoo may be
      getting the information from a data provider who would
      have to make a change in the number to produce a more
      accurate yield.

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      • I've emailed Yahoo twice about the misreported
        dividend and yield for MHX. The first time was 6 or 7
        weeks ago, the second time was just last week. After
        the first email, they responded and said the problem
        was with their data provider, Reuters, and that they
        would notify Reuters. I haven't received a response to
        my second email.

        I have checked a few other
        internet quote sites and found the dividend reported
        correctly, so it seems to be just Yahoo with this problem.
        Has anyone seen the dividend reported incorrectly

        I definitely believe that if this
        dividend is being widely misreported that it could be
        having an adverse affect on performace. People looking
        for stocks meeting certain criteria such as a minimum
        yield will overlook this stock. However if the problem
        is unique to Yahoo then I wouldn't buy too much into
        this theory. It takes a lot more than Yahoo
        misreporting the yield to explain the crappy performance of
        this stock. Of course, I find the yield immensely
        attractive and I plan to buy some more when I get some cash
        together in a few weeks.

      • Suffice it to say both of these issues have done
        terribly since their public debut. This thing has been a
        mess since they announced the plan to merge AGT and

        I appreciate that since last Summer reits have been
        hit hard and that HOTel reits were hit the worse.
        Long term I think that both companies will be okay but
        right now both are out of favor.

        If mgt. reads
        this board here is an idea for you.

        October 5, l998 MMH announced that it would utilize the
        services of Visual Data's (VDAT) HotelVideo service. This
        service utilizes the internet to show hotel

        If you look at VDAT it is a losing company with a
        stock trading around $6.50. Before that announcement
        its shares were trading under $2. Obviously VDAT's
        connection to the internet
        got the stock a lot of
        attention and the appreciation in price.

        MMH is a
        prime candidate to get involved in the internet. The
        company should acquire or start up a web-site that
        involves selling time shares, booking hotel reservations
        etc. etc. with refernce to the properties that the
        company operates.

        Based on the recent performances
        of companies with internet stories MMH won't be
        trading in the $2 range for long. The publicity will
        generate a tremendous amount of exposure and publicity for
        the company and get things moving in the right

        I am not suggesting a phony hype or anything like
        that. What I am suggesting is another possible revenue
        stream that is currently in vogue.