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  • madhuben5 madhuben5 May 4, 2006 7:53 PM Flag

    Great buying opportunity

    Absolutely a real good oppurtunity to step in and BUY. Full year earning guidance has not changed despite 2nd qtr. couple of penny shotfall. Full year EPS $1.25.

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    • The stock is currently trading at 18 times trailing earnings. Without a doubt it will jump back up to 21 times trailing earnings. It should be 20 times current year earnings, which would make the stock worth 25 dollars, but I won't hold my breath for that. In any case, 21 times trailing earnings means a stock price of 21 dollars. Buy now and you'll be gaurenteed a quick 20% gain.

      We will see 21 times current year earnings once the company announces its licensing deals. This will be huge bucks for True. I expect an announcement of licensing within this quarter. True can also expand it's clothing line. They've barely scratched the surface of T-shirts, shorts, hats, bags, shoes, watches, purses, maybe even make-up...who knows. The great thing is that True is keeping their prices up. This makes the brand exclusive and appealing. Once they expand look for those products to be priced at a premium as well.

      Point is, don't get discouraged about the price right now. The shorts only have a limited amount of time remaining before we see a correction in the price. You can only manipulate the market for so long. And if they are successful at keeping the stock below market price, look for a buyout. Shareholders will approve it. I bet someone could offer $26 for this company and get it right now. That's a steal for them. They should really have to pay $30+ to get the brand name and products.